Friday, March 15, 2013

Swim lessons, gym time, and play dates, oh my!

Summer is quickly approaching and I am already starting to think about how P and I will spend our time.  I am going to a couple of workshops and teaching summer school but we will have lots of free time.  Here are some of the options that I am considering for our agenda:

Swim lessons.
We will be headed to the pool and our local amusement part (that also has a water park) as often as I can.  I really want to be outside often and this is a great way to do that when it is super hot, like it gets here.  Needless to say, I want P to have some experience with water (again) before we do.

The gym.
I am committed to working out again.  Luckily P likes the childcare there so we will have that as an option for us that benefits us both.  I get to get a workout in and P gets to play with other kids.

Local parks.
We are lucky to have several area parks, several with splash pads, that are close.  I am hoping to get to one per week.  I am also hoping that we will have some friends join us!

I am also looking into places like Gymboree/The Little Gym for when it it is really hot, but they look a little pricey!!  We will see.

Do you have a summer plan?

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