Friday, March 29, 2013

Road Trip

J and I were blessed with a great group of friends from college.  We regularly got together with the group right out of college.  Weddings kept us going for several years.  Then we managed to stick through New Year's Eve, 4th of July, and other "family" holidays.

Enter March Madness!  We have been getting together for the first weekend of the tournament for MANY years.  Even as kids entered the picture we still gathered to watch lots of games.  Two years ago, J and I were a little busy having a baby.  Last year, my basketball schedule, her birthday, and my funky diet kept us away.

This year the calendar worked in our favor!  P's birthday was the weekend before the tourney began so we made the plan to go.  I found a Residence Inn nearby.  I choose it since we would have a living area in our room and a kitchen - especially the fridge.

Driving was interesting.  She did better on the way up then the way back.  She did ask about 2 hours into the 3 hour drive to go home!  I was nervous about not being able to get on the Internet to watch videos but the IPad was a help!  On the way home, we hit the wall and she was tired but couldn't quite get to sleep.  Once she slept a little it was better. 

The choice of a hotel was great!  We had a quiet place to go nap, great breakfast early enough for us, and space for our food.  Sleeping was a little rougher than I had thought.  P is just too big for her pack and play so she wound up in bed with us for part of each night.  She did okay but we will have to have another sleeping arrangement next time!

The kids were great too.  They all played all day and night so well.  The older kids did a great job watching after the little ones.  With 10 adults and 14 kids it was a full house!

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