Monday, March 4, 2013

Bi-weekly Link Up - What's For Dinner

Meal planning for us!
I really enjoy cooking.  I love food.  I love trying new things.  I have a few barriers to getting it all done.  J is a lot more picky than I am but he will try most things.  Time - how does time go so quickly???  I need about three more hours each day.  Finally, I like to cook but I want to play with P more.

The compromise for me - meal planning for the week and having some prepared meals frozen for us.  It takes a little more work on the weekend but it helps SO much during the week.  We don't set each day, just a list of possibilities.  I am going to start posting our plans for the week and then recapping how we did.

Here is this week:
- leftover lasagna
- crunchy rosemary chicken
- orange teryaki steak bites
- 2 nights we are eating separately due to basketball
- one night with the in- laws

I am starting a link up that will run every other week. Please link a post that has to do with meal planning, recipes, or food in general.  Here goes week 1!

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