Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Payton's Wishlist

With Payton's birthday approaching, we have kept track of some of the items we hope that she will get.  Here is what is tops on her wish list...

1. Sandbox
This was not something that I was super excited about.  With that said, I think that she will really enjoy it and it will give us another something to do outside this summer.

2. Tricycle
This is what J and I are giving her.  Again, I am really looking for fun outdoor activities for us.  I like this one because she will be able to get control as she gets older and better at controlling it.

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3. Clothes
This will always be on her list.  We need summer clothes, bath suit, and PJs.  Besides, the more clothes she gets, the less likely I am to buy at Target.  But sometimes the clearance rack is too hard to pass by.


4. Water table
I almost bought one of these last year but I am glad that I didn't.  P was just too young, but I think that she will really love it this year.

5. Rocking horse
Our sitter has one and P LOVES it.  I am hoping that we can get one that will last for a few years.  I am looking for suggestions here!!  I am torn between wood, plastic, and stuffed!

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