Thursday, March 14, 2013

My favorite things

Last week I shared what I am hoping P gets for her birthday but they are items that are just for toddlers.  Here are some of the things that I am longing for right now:

1. New flat iron.
Product Image
I have a cheapie that works but I would love a good one.  This is the one that my wonderful hairdresser recommended.  The brand is ghd.  It is EXPENSIVE but someday, I will have it!!!

2. Dansko shoes.
Product Image
I <3 a="" admit="" am="" are="" but="" comfy.="" figure="" for="" hoping="" i="" it.="" more.="" nbsp="" out="" p="" pair.="" sizing="" summer="" super="" takes="" that="" the="" these="" they="" to="" want="" while="" will="" worth="">
3. ITunes gift cards.

I have my Ipad and Shuffle so I am always looking at songs or apps that look fun!

4. The perfect umbrella stroller. 
Product Image
I still haven't settled on which one but I am looking.  I really want it before the summer starts.

5. Bondi phone holder.
Product Image
This is the cutest little gadget that will hold your phone on a door, plug, pants, etc.  It is silly but useful!

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