Monday, April 30, 2012

Milestone Monday - 100!

How to celebrate 100? In school, elementary kids bring 100 marbles, toothpicks, or pennies. I am celebrating 100 blog posts with this milestone! In writing this blog, I have learned some things. Not 100, but here are a few...

- I started this blog to chronicle P's life. I have done an okay job but I can always improve!
- writing helps me remember that I have a fret life. No matter how busy or boring or tough something may be, I have a great husband, a wonderful daughter, fantastic friends, a great job, and plenty of other good things that I don't really need.
- link ups help me learn to write better and "meet" more friends. Thanks for letting me into your lives!
- I like sharing my life and hope you enjoy reading about mine!

Thanks again! Here's to many more!

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