Friday, April 6, 2012

Good {Fri}day

Both J and I are off for a 4 day weekend, and u fortunately we have a lot going on. Most of it is good family stuff for Easter but that leaves little time for relaxing. For example, today P and I went grocery shopping, we all went to get our wills notarized (finally), J mowed, I got in a training walk, we cleaned, we did a little more baby proofing, and P got her normal nightly routine. That's just today!

We are heading an egg hunt in the morning (per my mom's request - cute, but really?), then we are hosting J's parents for Easter. Sunday we have brunch with my side of the fam (right a nap time). Monday we are getting the AC checked, I have some work to do for track, J has a doctors appointment, and I am hoping to get to the Y to join.

While I love seeing everyone, I just filled in our calendar for May and man do I have a lot of track meets! And four family birthdays, and Mother's day, and graduation! I guess I should eat up our down time in the next few weeks!

I will add that one FANTASTIC thing happened today. My friend Melissa received a call - she is cancer free! It is a good Friday!

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  1. Come join the community center! We can have the kids play and we can go to fun aerobics classes together this summer. :) :)


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