Friday, April 20, 2012

13 months!

I am going to try to do a small monthly update for a little while longer since so much changes so quickly right now. I love to look back and see what she has done so I want to keep it up!

Age: 13 months (and a few days)

Stats: nothing official right now but I would guess tht she is still under 23 lbs. No clue on height - I am bad at that one!

Sizes: she is still in size 3 diapers during the day but we have started using 4s at night. J is thankful for this since P had her first overnight poop out the other morning :). Clothes are solid 12 month but she does have some 18 month items (especially tops).

Sleeping: overnight is still going well. P gets about 11 hours a night and when she stirs (usually once a night), she cries out but can settle herself most of the time. Napping is still an adventure. I think that she is approaching one nap per day but she gets too tired too early in the morning for just one. We will see!

Eating: she is totally on WCM. We used our last bag of frozen milk this past weekend. She is a champ with it. Someday we will wean from the bottle... She is totally into table food. She is even to the point of eating most of what we do for dinner. This has been nice at dinner. I an struggling a little with what to send for lunch. She has been having grilled cheese everyday for a week! I have a recipe for toddler meatballs that I am go g to try this weekend - wish us luck!

Milestones: babbling up a storm! She has some phrases that she is saying, like "what's that?". So cute and I answer her like she might understand me every time! We are working on having time on her feet, to the point that I even am contemplating buying a walker. Maybe she'll walk or even just cruise someday!

Favorites: she really loves to pull items out of a bin or basket. I got some fruits and veggies from Ikea and she is loving them. She enjoys watching out the window and gets super excited when daddy comes home!

One of my favorite things about her is her hair! It is fuzzy and crazy and I love it!

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