Monday, April 23, 2012

Milestone Monday

I have a fabulous family, great friends, and things are good in the world. I joined The Knot {way} back in 1998 when I got engaged to plan and organize all things wedding. It was great. Then once we were married, I graduated to The Nest. Once we began TTC and got KU, I was on The Bump.

I met a lot of great women there, some who I "hang out" with via their blogs and some IRL. One of those special people is Mrs Monica at Running Through Parenthood in Heels. She is funny, down to Earth wife, teacher, and mom (not necessarily in that order) and we happen to live near each other. We met up before getting pregnant and I have been lucky enough to be able to call her my friend.

She has a great blog - seriously check it out. You can link to it through her button at the bottom of my blog.

Because she is the coolest, she made me a button too. I have been meaning to get it onto my blog but have not had the time yet. Then blogger went and changed everything so I am so nervous to try, but I am going to today. If you want, grab my button so others can come back and visit me too!

Thanks again to my great friend, Mrs Monica!


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  2. Yaaaaaaa! Love it! It looks great, and thanks for the sweet words! I feel the same!


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