Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TAT - Bedtime routines

Bedtime is relaxing and hectic at the same time in our house! After dinner, we usually have some time to play. Then J gives P her bath. While that is happening, I am repacking her bag for the sitter (including bottles, breakfast, and lunch) and getting my shower in.

Then J gives P her bottle while I clean up the toys. Tonight I gave her the bottle because we were off our normal schedule.

Then p and I head upstairs for a book and some cuddle time. This is some of my favorite time of the day. I don't exactly rock her to sleep (anymore) but I still a, holding on to those minutes with her each night.

After cuddling I put her in her crib with a lovey, taggie blanket, and a fuzzy blanket. Then I turn on her soother and head out of her room. She still cries a little as she gets herself settled in the pile of blankets.

J gets in his shower, while i get my stuff (clothes, lunch, clean up kitchen). I get some time to grade, blog, or watch tv. Then J and I are in bed by 10:30. All in all a great night every time!

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