Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gearing up for spring

Sometime soon the weather will be evening out - tomorrow the high will be in the 50s, Wednesday will be close to 70, but the weekend is set for cooler temps again, but in the meantime, I am gearing up for a busy May!

Along with being a wife, mom, teacher, friend, and person, I am a track official. That means that I could be the person with the gun. I had to write that. Everyone always asks. BTW I am not because I don't have a starter's pistol and I don't like that job. My main job is scoring. We have a FAT (fully automatic timing) system. Basically there is a camera that captures the finish and I analyze the picture to not only assign place but also time. It is fun when things work but is absolutely terrible when dysfunction occurs. We are in the midst of dysfunction.

We have been working on the system for three weeks. We are down to two weeks before our big invitational, followed by the league meet, and then state tournament, that we host the first round of. I am hoping that we go out tomorrow and the technology department has fixed the computers and things work. If not we are back to square one. We will see.

Today I got fitted with and bought a new pair of shoes for the 3day. Training is in full swing so I am now ready. I hope that the weather holds this week so P and I can get out for our walks this week!

If you could keep your fingers crossed that I get a state contract this week, that would be really fun! I will keep you updated!

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