Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Update

Another crazy busy week in the books and I haven't written a thing! With that said here are the highlights of our week!

Easter was good. P ad her first egg hunt through my mom's work. She liked seeing all the people but the grass of the indoor soccer field kept her stationary. We then had J's parents over fir dinner on Saturday. We had a good time!

Sunday we went to brunch with my side if the family. We were nervous since it was during P's normal first nap. She was a champ and even ate lots of new foods. We relaxed at home after. She enjoyed her basket!

This week has put us back to work and the regular routine. I have officially started training for the 3 day - only 16 weeks! Although I still have not gotten the running stroller from my sister, the Chicco is working for my shorter walks. P is pretty relaxed with it!

Track is also getting going. I wish we had everything working perfectly but we are still getting there!

I will be back to some regular posting. May will be slim for me but I will be around - PROMISE!!

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