Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toddle Around Tuesday!!

Hello! I am looking to get into regular posting and get some more followers! I am Heather - wife, mother, friend, and teacher. I have been married for just over 10 years to my college sweetheart. After trying for a while we just had our daughter in March this year and it has been a ride!

I teach high school math and love my job - it is my dream job. I love organization and try to be crafty. I dream of making and selling something but have not wrapped my head around what yet.

J (my better half) and I met in college through mutual friends. After hanging with the same group, we started dating and married three years later. We spent the beginning part of our marriage not knowing if we would have kids. Once we decided to try, we found it a challenge. We found luck quickly with a little medical intervention we got KU!

P (our daughter) is a cheerful and snugly 6 month old. She is starting to sleep more normally but is constantly challenging us. I write about our life with her here and things that we go through.

Welcome to my a glimpse into our life! I hope that you stick around!

PS - Thanks Mama G for TAT!!!

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