Monday, October 31, 2011

Milestone Monday

Happy Halloween everyone! P and I are handing out candy until bath time, then I am on my own. Other than her first Halloween, we have survived our first bout with constipation! Since we EBF poop has been really consistent. Then we started rice cereal. Our pedi warned us this could happen. So when it did that was my first question - should we switch to oatmeal. We were told no over the phone. J and I thought it was odd but they know best right? So we cut it back to once a day.

Fast forward one week and we were back in the office for a recheck of her ear and still not a regular poop. So I ask again. This NP asks if we are on rice cereal and then tells us to immediately change. Well duh! Mommy instinct should have prevailed. Three days later we are pooping and three more days it is getting back to normal! Yeah!

Well enough about poop, here is my girl!
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