Monday, October 17, 2011

7 months today!

So I am stealing again (all good teachers know that is the way to go) and posting our monthly stats. P turns 7 months today! We are closer to 1 than birth!!! She is really getting into the swing of things so here's the scoop:

Age: 7 months old

Stats: We have a chunk on our hands. At her ear infection appointment a week ago she was 18lbs 13oz! She doesn't miss a meal!

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Diapers are still size 3.  Clothes are interesting we are definitely into at least 6 months and some 9 months (depending on the brand). Most of her "cold" clothes are 9 months so they can hopefully last a little longer!

Sleeping: now that I am typing it, things will change but.... She seems to be great at STTN. Napping is getting more stable with 2 good day naps and a cat nap in the evenings.

Eating:  Still BF.  I pump for at the sitter's and for her night bottle. We are doing cereal twice a day and a fruit or veggie at dinner. We tried puffs today and they were a hit so into the diet they go!

Milestones: this month has been big. We started solids. Though fruits and veggies are just tolerated, she loves her cereal. She is sitting! It started at our family pictures and she is getting better every day. Rolling is old hat and I think she is starting to roll with intent to get somewhere, although this is new within the last day or two!

Funny moments: She is learning to kiss - which means lightly chew on our faces. She loves to raspberry! She is really ticklish and LAUGHES so happily when we do it.

Looking forward to: trying more food, sitting more, playing - this is super fun for mommy, basketball, and meeting our friend's new little boy (coming Wednesday at the latest!).

Pictures to come soon!

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