Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bad mom but good night

P has not been sleeping well recently. She has a snuffy nose, recovering ear infection, and teething. Needless to say, I am one tired mama! Last night she was up three times within the first 90 minutes! I went to bed after putting her down and J stayed up. Apparently I did not turn on the monitor and ZONKED!

J woke me at 7:45 this morning and asked if we could turn on the monitor to check on her. He thought I was trying CIO last night which was not my intention at all. I guess P cried for about 45 minutes before going to sleep. j checked on her before coming to bed and all was well. He said he woke a couple times in the night and did not hear her.

I feel guilty but he was fine and we all slept. I am trying to tell myself I am not a bad mom but I do feel that way. :(

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