Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog Hop: Sarurday Funnies

I am linking up to "The Mommyhood Chronicles," a great blog I follow. We are writing about 5 funnies from the week.

Here are my Saturday top five laughs:

5. Yesterday I woke up to find this:
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P was sleeping sideways!

4. P has started yelling. Not crying just yelling to "talk." It is so cute and LOUD!

3. Since P has only front teeth so when she eats puffs she nibbles on them in the front. It is adorable!
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2. We have been really good about her monthly pictures until this month. We obviously did them (see above) but we were a week late :s

1. I teach high school and Friday the kids dressed up for Halloween. There was a girl dressed as a


  1. I have a little girl only a few weeks younger than P. She is really cute!!

    It amazes me when they get sideways in their sleep, how they do it, I'm not sure :)

    New follower from the hop.


  2. So cute! P is adorable. Love the side sleeping position. Z sleeps like that and it cracks me up. The puffs with the front teeth is cute. You must be hysterical watching. Thanks for linking up. I do this every weekend because it will be a fun memory down the road. I enjoyed reading yours!


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