Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TAT: my go to recipes

This week is all about great, easy recipes. I am super excited to see all the yummy posts at Growing Up Geeky for this!

I got into freezer cooking right before P was born. We found some really good recipes for us in the book 30 Meals in One Day. It was a godsend until I had to give up food (okay just soy and milk, but that is most food) to continue to BF. 

I still use several recipes from this book, especially the chili - yummy. Since P arrived I have become addicted to Pinterest. I have written about two super easy and yummy recipes.  You can check them out!

Chicken enchiladas 
*I get four meals out if this. I am able to get 8 hearty enchiladas that I package by 2s and freeze before cooking. Mmmmm!

Four cheese stuffed shells
*OMG - this is heaven in a dish!  I also get several meals out of this, 3 to be exact. I think we are having this tomorrow!

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