Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Cleveland 3 Day Experience

This will be a photo dump with a few comments because there is no way to write about the whole experience. I will say that my body gt the best of me and I didn't make it through all 60 miles but I did my best, had fun, helped raise awareness, and feel closer to the cause. Here goes!

Opening ceremony was in the Paul Brown parking lot. Pretty cool - even being a Bengals fan!

Every walker is invited to write why we walk. 

Here is my BFF and rock star walker!

The stage for opening ceremony. 

They have lots of this lights around the opening ceremony site with the reasons why we walk.  I really love them!
This is the first thing we saw as we walked away from opening ceremonies!
There were people and groups that we called "walker stalkers."  They were around all weekend cheering us on, giving us goodies, and being a source of good energy!

There were pit stops every 3-4 miles.  It was a place to get more water, food, medical help, and relieve yourself!
**Did you notice the very pregnant walker in the first pit stop picture???  She is due in early October!
There were some great views of the lake along the way!

Lots of boobs all weekend long!

This is us at camp at the end of day 2.

You could send a walker a note with chocolate.  I got mine from Melissa - the woman and great friend we were walking for!

Night 2 we had some bad thunder and lightening.  We were relocated inside for about 2 hours.

We finished!!!!

Closing ceremonies!  The top picture is all the walkers and crew saluting the survivors as they entered!  What an amazing event!

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