Friday, July 26, 2013

Update on other stuff in our life

I've been writing a lot about cleaning and organizing but we are still getting along here.  It's summer (have I mentioned that?) and I am finally enjoying some free time.  Summer school is in full swing, but most of my day is open.

P is looking ahead each day to swinging, playing in water (water table, water park, pool), taking walks to pick flowers, and playing.  We are in a little bit of a rut eating wise but she still eats like a champ.  Variety is just not there.  I need to work on that!  J is working hard and looking at how to move up down the road.

My Wildtree business is going a little.  I have my first actual tasting coming up and two more in the works.  I am hosting my second freezer meal workshop and a client is hosting one with me too.  I am hoping that this might become a little bit of spending money.  Right now, I have just been using the profits to buy products for us to eat because they are really that good.  Time will tell, right?

Now that I write about it, there is not that much to update.  I guess not too much news is better than bad stuff, right?  What's happening in your house now?

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