Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Faves Now

Last week I shared some of P's favorites now it's my turn!  My list, like P's, is summer oriented since that is where I am.  Keep in mind that also means cleaning and organizing for me!  Here goes...

1. Vera Bradley

I got a new purse for my birthday and I am IN LOVE.  They have a bag called "mom's day out" and it is perfect.  A little bigger than my last so I can put a couple of diapers, some wipes, and P's sippy in there and not need a diaper bag.  On the same note, it is not too big for me to carry without her stuff!

2. Sundresses

I hate shorts.  With a passion almost.  This summer I have fallen in love with simple sundresses.  Target has been my go to, as I think I am a medium and a half at Old Navy.

3. Pinterest

As I mentioned, summer is my clean out and organize time.  Pinterest has come to my rescue on cleaners and organizing ideas out the yin yang!  Including my 21 day challenge that I am working through!  Read more here!

4. Big Brother

Although I am not keen on the racist people in the house, this is still one of my favorite reality shows of all time!!!

5. A/C
It is HOT here.  I am so glad that as of now our A/C has not pooped out on us.  We replaced our furnace just short of 2 years ago and they said that our air conditioner was okay but limping.  Still with us for a couple more month old unit!!!

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