Tuesday, July 16, 2013

P's fave now

P is almost 28 months - she is 2.  She is getting to be more independent by the day.  Since her interests are growing, I thought that I would share some of her favorite things right now.

1. Duplo blocks

As you saw know, she LOVES building.  I actually went out and bought another set so she would have more blocks to work with.  I love that they are big enough for her to work with and put together herself but not too small to eat or kill my feet.

2. Swimming

I know that this is not really a thing, but she loves the water.  Water table, pool, water park, the hose.  Put her in her swimsuit and it is game on.  I do want to note that for the second year we are in Snapme bathing suits and I love them for quick changes when needed.  They snap and the crotch and have two rows of snaps to extend the wear!

3. Her babies

P calls everything a baby and coos over them regularly.  Her bed is almost too full for her.  She really loves these babies from Target.  Soft bodies and not too spendy make them good for mommy too!

4. Zoo
I happened upon this at Meier on sale for $10.  Score for me becuase I have seen it since for $50!! It has lots of additional animals (I got a few more on clearance).  I like that it has options for the animals to "play" and if you put them on the speaker, it tells you the animal name and the sound they make.  P loves the slide and swing for the animals.

5. Fuzzies (AKA soft blankets)
Circo® Geo Chevron Soft Popcorn Valboa Blanket
I think that I have mentioned before that P loves her blankets.  Luckily for me, as long as they are fuzzy she likes them all.  She has grown partial to the two white ones for reasons unknown to anyone.  We may have to invest in more just in case one have a stain problem!

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