Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Only 1 baby!?!?

One and done.  That's how our little family will be.  I am totally okay with it but I feel like it is a decision that I have to defend regularly so here goes my logic.

** disclaimer **
This is what works for me, my husband, and out little  world.  If you want 17 kids or none, I am totally cool with that.

When J and I got together, we honestly didn't think that we would ever have kids.  We were both on the same page.  It worked for us.  We also said that if we had not had kids by the time we were 35, we would be done.

Then I started to get baby fever.  I told J about it and we decided to go for it.  We didn't have much hope since out of our 4 sisters, one was able to get pregnant on their own.  We decided what medical help (if needed) we were willing to go through and 18 months later, we began trying.  Long story short, we did need medical intervention.  I am one of the lucky ones and only was with my RE for a short time.  This saved my sanity and a lot of money.

I did not glow when I was pregnant.  I was nauseous for 30 weeks, had a good 2 week stretch, then PUPPPS entered.  I ended my pregnancy with high blood pressure.  It was not an awesome experience to say the least.

Once P was here, healthy, and growing.  I knew that I was done.  I couldn't see going through treatment again (if needed), pregnancy was not fun, and I am approaching 35.  We also live comfortably now.  I want to go on vacations someday.  I want to move to the school district where I teach so P can live where she will go to school.  I want to buy fun stuff every once in a while.  Another child would take some of that fun away (albeit, add other fun).  J is on board.  This is our plan.  I like it.

What's your family situation?  Are you complete?

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