Monday, February 4, 2013

Nifty and Thrifty - SUPER clean bathrooms

I have been looking and re looking at these pins about homemade cleaning products and have always been intrigued.  I like the idea of not using so many chemicals.  I like the idea of not creating waste with bottles every time I run out of a cleaner.  I LOVE the idea of spending less on my grocery bills every week.

Enter Blue Dawn!
Apparently, this will clean the world.  Well, maybe not.  But I will tell you, from experience, that when you mix this evenly (1 to 1 ratio) with warm vinegar, you will have  the most clean shower EVER!

I bought a $2 spray bottle at the grocery and filled it part way with vinegar.  Keep track of how much you put in.

I put it (without the top) in the microwave for about 20 seconds.  I squirted in an equal amount of blue dawn.  Put back on the top and give it a good shake.  When it settles you can just shake to remix.

Spray on your bathtub, tiles, or shower door.  Give it a few seconds.  Then rinse well.  I did use a sponge to help rinse so I did a little scrubbing too.  Holy cow does this clean well!  And the most expensive part was the bottle!!  Enjoy!

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