Thursday, February 14, 2013

A new challenge

So one of the things that has been keeping me busy is a little endeavor that I am hoping to get running by the summer. I am getting things together to open an Etsy shop!

Last spring a friend with digital scrap booking experience introduced me to it by helping me design P's first birthday invitation. I was inspired so I bought some software and started playing around. I didn't have a ton of time until I was ready to make our Christmas card and the invite to our cookie exchange.

I have the bug.

Fast forward to last week. Another teacher at work asked about designing a baby shower invitation. I was able to develop a design that she liked in less than an hour. She and i worked out a plan go get the invites ready.

I'm very excited. I need to look at printing options, costs, details, policies, and such.  I'll keep you all updated as this venture continues. Now on to a name for my shop.... Any suggestions?

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