Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1993 Billboard 100

10 years ago this month, Whitney Houston held the number 1 spot for over a month with "I Will Always Love You."  I am not sure why I looked this up today but I think that it is ironic knowing that she just passes away so recently.

I think that Alicia Keys did a great job with the national anthem (until the end - just leave it alone) at our most recent Super Bowl, but nothing will compare to Whitney!!!  IMHO!

I can remember loving dancing around my house with my sisters to her music as a younger kid.  Then as I got older and she made her move to movies, I loved her there too.  "I will always love you" was from the Bodyguard.  Not a great movie by Emmy standards, but it was fun to watch.  I loved her voice.

A little sad to think that she is gone, but I'm glad we have her musical legacy to listen to forever!!!

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