Saturday, February 16, 2013

23 month update

Another killer week, but I am staying on track!!  Here goes....

Age: 23 months

Sizes: We are in size 5 diapers. They still love big but the 4s are too small. Her height and weight don't  match the diaper recommendation. 24month/2T clothes all around, but I expect that to change very soon. She has been eating like a horse this week!

Sleeping: she is a rock star here. Naps are sometimes a little shorter than I would like but they are there!

Eating: Things are going better here. She has really gotten into eating most of our meals - yeah!  I am still fighting her a little but getting better. I am curious about whole milk vs switching to 2 % at 2. We will see what I can read about it and ask the pedi. 

Favorites:  this list is never is changing: Minnie, baby, iPad, books. I want to get away from the iPad a little more but we will see!

I cannot believe 2 is next!!  Where does time go?

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