Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Think Pink

P middle name is Hope. There is a special reason for that. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. My SIL is also a survivor. The pink ribbon is very close to my heart. Hope is a key term when thinking about a world without breast cancer. When thinking about P's name a girl middle name was harder for us. The original plan was Ann but we didn't like the way it sounded. After some thought, we agreed on Hope.

Over the weekend I found out that one of my best friends is in for the fight. She has breast cancer. Fittingly, volley 4 a cure was at our school tonight. Most of our girl group was there at one point or another. P and I went. I wore my volley shirt and she wore her pink ribbon top too.

Another friend of mine bought her that top at the Chicago Breast Cancer 3 Day. This is a 60 mile walk that she and I did in 2009 together. She and her daughter did it again this past summer. I was jealous all weekend but she brought me back a great presnt!

P and I are also looking forward to the Race for the Cure next weekend. If it isn't bad weather, we will both be walking with my mom, sisters, and several of my friends. And now, it has even more meaning to me!

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