Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy week - ready for Sunday

First, fingers crossed that P sleept through the night completely - I need it! School is really in full swing now. I am heading into grading and planning concurrently and am doing okay balancing it with stuff at home. It is so draining though.

I had posted last weekend about not doing anything but this weekend is not that way. Last night I got some heavy news from one of my friends that I will not go further on to respect her privacy. Today I had my first cross country meet of the season. While it was great to be there, see the students, weather was good - I am one beat mommy! P is down and I am doing my last pump before bed and then I am off to bed. It will be about 10pm and I will be asleep on a Saturday. We are rock stars here!!!

Tomorrow we will need to get all of the regular weekend stuff done, like grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc. And I need to get a new bottle warmer. I bought one on the district swap for cheap and now we can't live without it! Thank goodness Buy Buy Baby is close!

This week we need to work on sitting. I know it is not too big of a deal but it would be fun to have that milestone down. And next weekend - 6 months!! Which means we can start cereal. I need to figure out which one we are going to use! Yeah!!

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