Friday, May 10, 2013

Toddler Issues - moving out of the crib

As I mentioned last week, I am writing to get some insight on some of the toddler issues that we will be encountering soon.  I hope you can all shed some light and offer suggestions for us!!

Toddler issue #2 - moving to the big girl bed

P has not been trying to get out of the crib yet.  Fingers crossed that stays for a little while.  We do not plan on moving her until we have to!  We have a convertible crib but we are initially planning on going right to a bed.  We have a twin mattress purchased that we will put on the floor.

We just don't know how to make that transition.  Do we go cold turkey?  Do we nap there and then switch over at night?  Do we put the bed out before the switch?  I have nothing here.  Anything would be great to know!!

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