Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our adventure

This was going to be a wordless Wednesday post but then I figured out that I needed to do some explaining. So, it's Thursday and there are words!

A few weeks back, J had a busy Saturday planned so I made some plans for P and I.  We were supposed to start off our Saturday with a quick grocery trip.  On the drive there, we saw a dog in the middle of a bigger intersection.  I pulled a quick u-turn as the dog was running at the cars.  I was afraid that someone was going to accidentally hit it.  

By the time we got back to the dog, two other people had stopped but neither could take care of the dog.  So, in my car the "big dog" went.
The god was so nice.  He licked P's face and then sat down.  He never growled or barked.  We proceeded to drive around our neighborhood for a good hour before going to a local vet to see if the dog had a microchip.  Luckily he did but it was not registered with the owner.  After a few phone calls and another 45 minutes, we did finally find the owners.  They were very grateful and I was thankful to not have to take the dog to the recuse.

After lunch and naps we did get our shopping in.  Then our date started!  We went to Steak and Shake for dinner.

Then we went shopping a little and had some Yagoot for dessert.

She really loved the ball that we bought.
I hope to have some more dates with my little girl over the summer too!

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