Thursday, December 6, 2012

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These aren't the deepest, darkest secrets I have (we'll save those for another day :)), but these are a few good ones that you probably don't know from reading my blog.

1. I sneak Starbucks whenever I can.
I'm not a coffee snob but any accounts but lattes are my weakness.  I love the smell, taste, and warm feeling they give me.  I tend to buy them at the grocery store so J can't tell.  We are locking down on the budget so this won't be happening as often anymore.  I'm sad but whatever!

2. I hate working out.
I wish I didn't.  It is just a necessary evil to me.  I can't change it.

3. I am not creative.
I make cards, wreaths, sew, and some other random crafts.  I am crafty but I have never once come up with a neat original idea on my own.  I either blatantly steal or closely follow an idea from someone else.  Just check out my crafty posts on this blog.  No original ideas!

4. I love to work.
It's a sickness really, but I just don't like not working.  I love P and have a ton of fun with her.  I appreciate the summer time that I do have (even though I still teach then too).  And I live for breaks and snow days, but I don't think that I could stay at home all the time.  To each their own - this is not a judgement on anyone.  It's just me!

5. I am adding this because I need a nicely numbered list.
No surprise that I need order and symmetry.  I am a type A, math teacher.  This is not a secret but I couldn't just have a list of 4!

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