Saturday, December 29, 2012


I will start by saying that I am incredibly lucky. I have great family that is close, I have a great home, am healthy, and am employed. This holiday seemed to be overshadowed by the national issues but I tried to stay positive and focus on what I do have.

Our Christmas weekend started at my sister's house for my extended family's celebration. It was short but good. P was into opening her gift and playing with the other kids.

We then spent Christmas Eve with my in laws. I am so happy to truthfully say that I love my MIL and FIL. We did presents with them, SIL and her family, and us. Payton's big present of her kitchen was back home so it was low key but fun. SIL gave her really adorable outfits.
Cheesy smile!

Although very cute, the hat is not part of the outfit!

We stayed that night and enjoyed breakfast with MIL and FIL before heading home. Our hope was to get home before P's's nap but no such luck. She slept in the car and no more. This was my only fear for the whole day. Spoiler Alert: she did amazing!

After a valiant attempt at a nap, we headed to my parents for my mom's shinning moment. She lives for this day. I know that the money shot of presents is a little presumptuous but my mom works so hard for this. What you see is the total gifts for 12 people. It is a fun, furious opening. P gave up around gift 13. She was hungry and tired but didn't cry, she just played with the toys my mom always keeps out. 

We got home, put her down, and unloaded. I sorted the toys. Opened what we were getting out since the garbage men came the next day. Then we went to bed. It was a great weekend!

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