Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TAT: birth order

Toddle Along Tuesday is back and all about birth order. I am the youngest if three. Like Melissa at Growing Up Geeky, there are only girls in my family. I am not typical of youngest kids but lets start here...

PBS Kids says this about youngest children:

Here are some personality traits that are common in youngest children:
Persistent: When it comes to a goal, many youngests just won't give up!
A Great Storyteller: Whether it's true or not, youngest kids can spin a mighty good yarn.
Affectionate: Youngest children often have plenty of hugs and kisses to give out.
Now, the downside. Although it's fun to be in the spotlight, many youngest children find that their parents don't give them a lot of attention or praise during important first-time events like tying a shoe or riding a bike.

I would say that I am persistent but I cannot lie to save my life. How will I keep Santa from P???  I am affectionate but I think that is my family, not birth order. 

I would say that my attention getting was from being too good. I tried hard in school. Never snuck out. Not to say my sisters were bad (they weren't) but they definitely tried more than I did. 

I am most curious how P will be as an only child. Any advice??

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  1. I'm a middle child of 3 girls. I've always said that birth order is not the only thing that matters...it depends on the gender make-up as well. I think being sandwiched between two sisters was very different than it would have been if I were sandwiched between two brothers! Great post :)


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