Friday, May 11, 2012

Product review:Origami Owl

I stumbled upon Origami Owl from another blog and feel in love with the idea. I love jewelry but have never been a big bracelet person. So when bead bracelets came out, they always intrigued me but I just could not commit. Enter Origami Owl!

I have the medium silver locket with 4 charms. I picked the wedding ring (for J), March birthstone (for P), the apple (for me), and the pink ribbon (for a lot if people but most importantly, my mom). I love it!! I love what I have but I love that I can add more charms or change some out. I am looking at some of the dangles and plates too.

Here is my locket with charms:

There are lots of ways to put together a combo that is truly yours. Here are more cool combos:

I am currently hosting an online party at Just use party ID 2694 in the payment information if you order this month. If you stumble upon this later this summer, just mention my name. I am a locket ambassador!

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