Thursday, January 3, 2013

My ode to 2012

2012 was a fun ride for me! Nothing too extreme but here is what I remember the most!!

I remember:
  • finally getting to eat regular food!  Thankfully, P's intolerance to dairy and soy were not lasting!
  • celebrating her first birthday with our families.  She didn't dive into the cake like I had really hoped but I think she had fun!
  • watching her crawl, walk, and talk for the first time all in the same year.  I think it will always amaze me how much she learns each day!
  • learning how much J knows about taking care of P.  I think he has amazed himself too.
  • experiencing my second 3 Day with my BFF Amy.
  • going back to school and remembering that although I love P, I love my job too.  And I really love our sitter and how she cares for P.
  • sharing the joy of a long awaited pregnancy for a dear friend of mine.
  • sharing the heartbreak of losing two former students and a co worker's father.
  • getting back to the gym and taking control of my workout schedule.
  • watching the craziness of Connecticut and my heart breaking for all the families.
  • ending the year with uneventful holidays and a NYE at home with my 2 loves.
I hope that 2013 can be even better.  Can it?

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