Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Minnie Party

Payton is getting SOOOO close to being 2.  Other than I cannot believe how long ago I had a baby (literally), I have got to get on the party planning!

This is cute, but I think mine just be circles with the words.

We know that it will be a Minnie themed party since she LOVES her.  Minnie is really the only character she knows but I think that it is fitting.  I have the invites pretty much ready (well, I have two choices but I want to see what the print outs look like).

Now the details:
- decorations - I want to do the same type of things I did for her first birthday.  I will be making a couple of banners, cupcake toppers, but I also would love to do a door sign or wreath.  We will see about that last one.

- food - we are going to order sandwiches, but the sides and appetizers are on us.  I am thinking mac and cheese, coleslaw, veggies, chips and dip, and some fruit.  Oh, and the cupcakes. :)

Can I get it together to get this done?  It is really cute!

- who to invite - this is one that I cannot figure out.  We have always planned on family only.  I am really torn on whether or not to invite her sitter and the kids that go there.  J says no and I don't disagree but I am torn.  Help?!?!

- what we will be getting her - we had said some sort of bike/outdoor ride on something but we inherited a cozy coupe (LOVE having older cousins).  I know I would love the focus to be on outdoor toys and summer clothes, but I just don't know what kind of outdoor stuff she would use the longest.  Ideas?!?!

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