Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TAT: I said what!?!?

I'm hooking up again with newly blessed mom of 2, Melissa, at Growing Up Geeky. Congrats mama!  I hope you are settling in well at home!

This week's topic is things I actually say and honestly can't believe it. These are only a few that I can think of. I know that plenty of silly things come out of my mouth on a regular basis that I can't think of right now. 

Here goes:
- P don't bite the markers. 

- P keep your fingers out if the dog's nose. 

- here is an actual conversation between P and I a minimum of 3 times today: 
   P, "Go outside."  Yes this a statement nit a question. 
   Me, "It's raining honey."
   P, "Ohhhh.   (Slight pause).  Go outside."
   Repeat at least 5 times. 

- P don't sit on the dog or pull the dog's tail. 

I'm noticing a lot about the dog. I feel bad for her. 

What do you say?

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