Monday, September 17, 2012

18 months

We are really teetering on being closer to 2 than 1!  I cannot believe it. Here's the run down:

Age: 18 months
She loves her dog!

Stats: we will have "official" numbers tomorrow.  I'll try to update. I am dying to know how tall she is!

Sizes: Still size 4 diapers.  We are relooking at over nights. Not bad, but definitely more leaks than I think we should have. Clothes are solidly 24 month items. I am trying to figure out the difference between 24 months and 2T. I still don't get it. 

Sleeping: She is doing well here. She sleeps a solid 11 hours at night. Napping still less predictable. She sleeps well at home. At the sitter 90 minutes is a success!  Oh well. 
Sadly this is not morning hair, but post yogurt hair!

Eating: Still great here.  She continues to impress everyone with her variety and appetite!  I live it!

Favorites: Still her phones - sad but true. She likes her tunnel and books. I am excited for Christmas to get a few new items for the rotation. We are back on the playroom planning. More to come on that. 
I promise, she does like her bath!

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