Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Going back to school (AKA work)

Everyone said that once I had kids (hee hee, they thought I would have more than one), I wouldn't like going back to school even more. Strangely for me, it's not true. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I have a fantastic sitter - who loves P as much as P loves her. And I do get plenty of other perks.

With all that said going back is always stressful for me. I want my room to be ready. I want my plans to be ready. I want to be ready. Homeroom plans need to be ready.  Oh, did I mention I want this before the first workday?

Hi. I'm Heather and I am type A. I know that is not all realistic, especially working around P's nap schedule and with her "help" in my room. I managed to have my room, homeroom plans, and my first week plans ready. Me, that is always a work in progress.

Then next hurdle is getting back into the swing of things.  J and I really tried to get and stay on a better sleeping schedule. On work days we are headed to bed by 10. This means we are most likely asleep by 10:30. Since I'm up at 5:15 on school days, I can get almost 7 hours. Not bad by mom standards!

Here is my typical work day:
5:15 - up and getting ready. Hair, face, breakfast, get coffee and water bottle ready. I also fill my lunch bag. 

6:20 - in the car on my way to work. 

6:35 - at school and the work begins!

7:30 - J gets P to the sitter. 

3:15 - go get P from the sitter. I love hearing her yell "Mommy" as I walk in the door. 

4:00 - P and I get home. I wash the lunch dishes and bottles from the day.  I get things together dinner if needed (see more about that below). Then P and I play until J gets home.

5:30 - J gets home. I put dinner in the oven.  P and I venture upstairs on days J works out.

6:30 - dinner time!  P gets going first but we sit down with her. I love that dinner is all of us together when at all possible.  I put together my lunch stuff now too.

7:00 - We get things cleaned up from dinner. Right now we usually spend a little time "OUTSIDE" since that is P's latest obsession.

7:30 - Bath time. I get dirty clothes out of P's bag to replace them with her clothes for the next day. J gives P her bath while I shower. P and I clean up toys while J showers.

8:00 - P and I read a story, cuddle a little, talk about the day, and I put her to bed.

8:15 - J and I relax, catch up on FB, I grade (if needed), and watch TV.

10:00 - J and I head for bed. Just to do it again tomorrow!

I prep a lot of dinner stuff on weekends to save evening time for us. I have found several freezer friendly dinners that we love and a, always hunting for more.  If you have any good recipes to share let me know!

That's a full day!  I need to see how I can get a workout for myself in there every once in a while. We'll see!

My clothes get laid out right before my shower. P's get in the diaper bag before her bath.

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