Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 months (a little late)

Sorry I am late. School, basketball, and life is keeping me away from writing much. I will be better, promise!

Here are Payton's 10 month stats:

Age: as of today - 10 months, 1 week

Stats: we don't officially know but my guess is around 21 pounds. We are going to weigh her at home this week in anticipation of switching car seats soon

Size (clothes, diapers, etc): we are still in size 3 diapers. Clothes we are solidly in 9 months but are in 12 month sleepers they are snug on her chubby thighs, but great everywhere else. We are well stocked on 12 months for outfits, but the tops are still a little big.

Sleeping: STTN on a regular basis. She is really challenging for naps, still.

Milestones: she is working in getting mobile but not crawling. She flops on her stomach the rolls over and sits up. It gets her all over so baby proofing has started. Last weekend, J and FIL put up the gates in the stairs and cabinet locks in the kitchen. We have one more gate and some other locks (oven, door to the basement, etc) to do but great start. Yesterday she started trying to pull up to her knees on the couch - exciting and scary!

Favorites: she wants to chew on everything so Sophie still ranks high! She loves anything she can clap together, especially the rings from the stacking rings. She loves her Zaney Zoo activity cube and Leap Frog picnic basket. She also loves fuzzy blankets!

Looking forward to: Crawling. As much as I love her be in one place, I think it will be cute! More dairy for me - I have been having normal bread for a few days without reaction so we will see what's next. More solid food for P. She is now having waffles and French toast - which she loves! I have started planning her birthday too!

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  1. what a cutie! Lets get together soon...once bball slows down for ya!


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