Thursday, September 19, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

Like I mentioned in my weekly update, school is crazy busy!!!  I think things are starting to settle in, but I hesitate to say that.  That is when things fall apart!!!

Home is good.  P is knocking on the door of potty training but she is just not there.  She had her 2.5 year check up yesterday and everything is in check.  She is soooo tall at 36.5inches.  Her eating is a little pickier than it was 6 months ago but she still likes to eat.  She is talking up a storm and loves her visits to the Little Gym.

J and I are on autopilot but we are having a date night this weekend.  I am looking forward to getting a few things done and spending some time together. We are starting to look at a new couch.  Wish us luck!  Wildtree was really good for a couple months and this month is a little more slow.  No biggie, since everything else is busy.

That is the basic wrap up.  I am here and getting many back on track!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Kristen's cute creations

Other than the fact that I get to show of P some more, here is the next cute hat that she will be wearing this fall!!!


Kristen is a fellow mom who makes some of the cutest stuff on Earth!  I am so happy that she choose me to share her products with you!

Here is some more about Kristen in her own words:
When my son was born, I had a huge desire to make things for him. I'm not the most crafty person so I knew it had to be something simple. I also tend to start projects and then leave them half finished. My thought was that I could teach myself how to crochet and I would start to make hats for him to wear during the cooler months.

My first project was an adorable snowman hat. I finished the hat fairly quickly, taking full advantage of my son's nap times. Once I put the hat on it was a huge hit. I showed it to a mom group that I'm apart of on Facebook, and the next thing I knew I had people wanting to buy my creation. And that was the beginning of my business.
Crochet has truly changed my life. What was once a hobby, quickly became a lifestyle and passion. I love what I do and love making people's day when they receive one of my products. I hope to continue with this endeavor for years to come.

Check out these cute items her etsy shop.  You can get there from here.
Adorable Football Beanie   Mary Jane Crochet Baby Booties w/o Trim    Baby Girl Flapper Hat and Booties
*these photos are from her etsy page

You can also find out about her specials and sales on her Facebook page here.

I really love P's hat and she does too.  We have not hit cooler weather yet, but she is wearing her hat around the house and wants to wear it outside.  I am hoping for some good fall weather soon so we can try it out!!

I'm Alive!!!

OMG!!  The start of the school year really got me!  I am so sorry that I have been away for so long.  I have some posts just waiting to be clicked and some great ideas on the list.  I think that things have calmed down a little for the beginning of the year, but who knows.  I think that I will be looking to post a couple of times a week as the school year goes on.  Fingers crossed I can keep up with that!!!

This week I will fill you in on what has been going on in our house and I have a great review that is WAITING for me to show it off!  I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Be jealous of my old fridge!

I have spent many of P's naps this summer going through and organizing different little areas of our house.  I love re-organizing and purging of stuff that we don't need any more.  I think out o all the jobs that I have done this summer my favorite is the fridge.  Sad but true!


Other than just cleaning it out, I also purchased Fridge Coasters.  I have had my eye on these for about a year.  I finally splurged and got them!  Fridge Coasters are not just pretty they will absorb spills.  They are made of food industry-grade, quick-drying, hard-pressed wood pulp.

Here is my before:

Here is the after:

I love how everything all throughout the house is coming together too! We also building quite a pile for a garage sale for next summer.  Yeah!!!

PS - I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekly Update

Ugh!  I don't know if it is my tablet or the fact that I am using random browsers when I write.  The 2 posts I wrote and {thought} I posted last week are not showing.  This week and next week will be good that way :)

Here is the plan for this week:
- I have a great new review!
- Update on organizing my house.
- I'm a working mom and here is what I think about it.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekly Update

Hello!  Sorry I am a little behind this week but I did an extra post with the Thyme review and I had a big Wildtree party on Sunday.  I am excited to let you know about a giveaway that will be coming up soon!!  More to come on that!

Here is the plan for this week:
- my thoughts on being a working mom
- even though my summer is winding down, I wanted to share my pool bag with you
- I have more pictures to share
- I want to tell you more about my Wildtree business!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thyme Maternity Review

Pregnant and nursing moms have more options than ever for cute clothes but they are not all cute AND functional.  Enter Thyme Maternity!!  Super cute clothes that function during pregnancy and beyond!!

A little bit about Thyme:
Thyme Maternity is more than a leading fashion retailer for pregnant women. We're an international maternity and nursing fashion brand whose family of experts is dedicated to ensuring you look and feel your absolute best throughout your entire pregnancy and after your little one is born.
Every garment is specifically designed with the pregnant body in mind, offering you comfort where you need it most.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards so you can trust us to guide you through you pregnancy with knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm.
Ultimately, their goal is to make your feel and look your best with the best service possible!! 
I was lucky enough to get one of their nursing tops to try out and tell you about.  I received the snap front crossover nursing and maternity top in green.  Here is my best job at a selfie!!

While this would definitely work during pregnancy since it has nice stretchy material and ruched sides.  This would be a great nursing top.  The three snaps open to another single snap, which open to allow easy access to either (or both pumpers) sides.

I am wearing a regular tank underneath so I could show you how it looks but no show!

After wearing it all day, I will say that I love that it is lightweight but very stylish.  The fit guide is true.  I am a medium and this fits well.  I think it would work for me during pregnancy too, but I did not get too big.  If you have a bigger belly then you may want to consider moving up a size for maternity wear.

I also really like their yoga pants and cowl neck tops!!  Best of all, EVERYTHING is on sale right now!  40% off through August 1st.  Go shopping here!